Ontario PNP and related question

So I got the invitation to apply for Ontario PNP yesterday (still haven’t gotten anything from the general EE pool, btw).

[Background: Combined score for me (MS with 8+ years US work-ex) and my wife (PhD, w/~3 years US work-ex) is 454]

Have a few questions if anyone can shed some light (and/or provide links, etc)


  • Work experience - I put my current and previous work experience under 2174 as that was the one that closely matches. My previous employer has a work experience letter that they gave me last year - They have already told me that they won’t be able to issue anything new and/or modified from what they gave last year.
  • I have seen posts where people recommend getting a work experience letter with the NOC in there. First of all, how do we include this when we ask our HR and/or manager and/or colleague for this? And, further, where do we even include the NOC code? It just feels very weird to put a NOC number next to responsibilities, so if anyone has done this, please provide me a sample. If you don’t want to share it here, please send it to me privately. Much appreciated
  • my current employer is a fortune 50 employer, so I can definitely get the 'automatically generated/ generic letter (to whomsoever it may concern, ABC works here since xx/xx/xxxx, his annual salary is xx, bonus is xx. works at least 40 hours a week, etc). I will try to get one from current/ previous manager and/or colleague on a letter head
  • Current employer for ~4 years, was with previous employer for ~3 years. Same NOC code put for both. (2174)

There is a section in the Ontario PNP where it basically asks for “list your motivation for moving to Ontario to prove direct / indirect link to Ontario” (i’m paraphrasing, of course)

  • I have only one remote link, when I used to work there on work permit (internship, but went on work permit) for about 4 months. this was back in 2008/009. Since the duration is vvery short, I did not include it in EE as well.
  • Outside of the above, any input into what we can include for the above?

I reached out to few members here who had mentioned they had gotten Ontario PNP, but still waiting on their response - hence my wider post here.

Any/all insight/input/guidance/samples - much appreciated!

Thanks all.

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