Opening a Canadian Bank Account from US

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I’m moving to Toronto next month from Chicago. I start my new job within 5 days of landing and have been asked to provide bank details for my paycheck. Since I won’t be able to visit a branch in person for opening a new Canadian bank account due to COVID/mandatory quarantine, is there any other option of opening it from US?


In your position I might try Tangerine, an online only bank. (They are a subsidiary of Scotiabank, so you will have access to ATMs when you need later.)
It would be better if you google about them so that you can get new account offers.
*Assuming you have an SIN (kind of SSN equivalent) and employment information, it allows you to open the account.

EQ Bank is also one option, I opened an account with EQ bank online before moving to Canada and was able to transfer some money from the US as well. All the other major banks will not let you open without visiting the branch.

TD might be a possibility since TD has its American counterpart.

I was able to open bank accounts with RBC remotely when I was in the States around April 2020. They made the exception due to the pandemic and I was able to speak with a banking advisor via phone and e-sent necessary documents for them to set up my account.

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Thanks everyone for the response. I have submitted an application at few of the banks that you guys have suggested.

How did you get the debit card in this case?
The reason to ask this is that RBC told they cannot ship the debit card and it has to be collected in branch only…

That’s correct. I picked up my debit card after I arrived in Canada. Setting up my bank account remotely was the most important thing, and I wasn’t bothered by not picking up the card until I came.

How many months difference was there?

Becoz one of known was in same situation and her acct was closed as she cud not pickup debit card for 1.5months (or 2months may be)…

Just an update -

I tried opening an account with Tangerine/EQ/Simplii and they all asked me to visit canadapost for identity verification. I was finally able to open one with TD since they took my photo and passport digitally.

What type of account did you open with them ? I’m in the same boat as you. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

TD all inclusive banking.

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Did they ask you for a local Canadian address?

I think they did.

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