Other benefits of moving to canada beyond visa stability

Hey guys. Curious for the people who have moved. Other than visa stability what are some other benefits of moving to Canada ? Currently work as a data science manager with great pay, benefits in the US. On an H1B but not particularly worried about losing it or getting a green card.

You get to live with your parents for an extended period of time due to super visa.

Apart from Visa stability , following are the benefits associated with Canada for me;

1)Healthcare: Currently my spouse and i are in our early 30s and have great employer sponsored health insurance.But its tied to the employer.As we age, we will have health issues that are commonly associated with old age.Our current health insurance although amazing is tied to the employer.We personally don’t want to continue working for 40 hrs a week just for a good health insurance when we are in our late 50s.We value the freedom to choose a low stress job or part time work in our golden years without having to worry about insurance coverage. Although some gaps are covered by private insurance, the premium is not crazy like that in the US.Healthcare should be a right and not a privilege in my opinion.

]2) Sane gun laws:The sheer number of school shootings creep me out! The fact that any random person can buy a gun here is beyond my comprehension.Thats one less thing for me to worry when I send my kid to school in Canada.

3) Powerful Passport: Visa free travel to many countries!!!

  1. Bring your parents.
  2. Live freely like you lived in your home country.
  3. Good public schools
  4. Good healthcare.
  5. Have multiple source of income
  6. Freedom from employers
  7. Travel around the world

My Kid was born in India hence has Indian Passport. Path to Citizenship is very easy here in Canada and with Canadian Passport kid will have access to lot of Universities in US and Canada with out the visa hustle. Also for Jobs Canada and US markets are open.

Apart from all the amazing major benefits listed above, preclearance (No Security or Waiting Upon U.S. Arrival) at many major Canadian airports is a huge plus! I’ve spent 3+ hours at JFK/Newark a few times and for frequent travelers (esp. those on H1B’s) getting off from planes and seeing a long line always makes for a miserable experience and feeling of dread.

It’ll Feel Like a Home Away From Home
There Are Jobs for Immigrants in Canada
You Get Free Healthcare - No Hidden Costs
Enjoy More Outdoor and Leisure Activities
It’s a Safe & Peaceful Place to Live


No one has mentioned the best perk: Poutines and Maple doughnuts.

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