Outland Sponsoring PR for Spouse and Dependant Child

Dear All,
I have couple of questions regarding sponsoring PR for my wife and newborn baby. I am a PR (got PR on OCT 2018) residing outside Canada (in US) for now and planning to move to Canada in few months and want to apply PR for my wife and kid as soon as I move.
1) 1 st Question, From CIC site, I understand that Income proof (Notice of Assessment - from Tax filing) is not needed for sponsoring spouse (my wife in this case) and dependent child (my newborn). While browsing more on this on blog sites like Canada Visa, some have mentioned this is required. As far as I checked, we need to declare income proof only for sponsoring relatives (like parents) other than spouse and dependent child. Do we need income proof for spouse and child too? In other words, can I start the PR application process for my wife and baby as soon as I land in Canada even without a job? Or do I have to first get a job and wait for 12 months apply tax returns and have to apply with NOA form? I hope not … please clarify.
2) 2 nd question is, when I got PR (OCT 2018), my wife was still pregnant and the baby was born on April 2019 only. So obviously when I applied for PR, I included just my wife as unaccompanying spouse. Should I inform CIC through the IRCC Webform page https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx about the new addition to our family or don’t have to do anything now and just apply PR for baby when I move to Canada directly?

Thanks in advance for your time,