Paat Work Experience Dilemma in OINP

Hi All,
I have around 12 years of experience starting from October 2007, and currently I am in Canada from last 3 years on a work permit.
In the 12 years I have worked in 5 companies and all of those I have shown in my Express entry profile and I have received NOI as well.
I am able to obtain reference letters from only 3 companies which covers 8 years of experience but I couldn’t get reference letter from last two companies because one is closed and one will not provide me the letter as my exit was not on good terms.
I also don’t have any bank statement, income tax return and PF account documents for those companies.

Could you please advise if it is ok to accept NOI and proceed submitting documents only for 3 companies, ignoring last 2 as except experience letter I don’t have any relevant documents to prove work experience.

Can OINP ask to submit documents for those companies and will it comes under discretionary? Should I take a chance as I am already on a work permit and can it effect my current status? I have studied in some forums that they can even deport you if you couldn’t provide all the required documents, which I don’t have in my case to prove my work experience in last two companies.