Partner and I landing separately

Hi all,

My partner and I are awaiting our PPR and expecting to get it shortly. He is currently living in France (French Citizen) and I am currently in the US (US citizen). Neither of us can currently travel to each others countries due to COVID. Upon receipt of our PPR, our plan is for me to cross the border by car from Vermont to Quebec, and for him to fly to montreal where I will pick him up before we drive from montreal to Vancouver (intended destination on our app is Vancouver). A couple questions:

  1. he is our principal applicant and I am his common law partner. Will it be an issue to cross separately in such a short time window? Will I need to wait a day or two (or more?) after he crosses by plane for me to cross by car?

  2. will it be an issue to cross the border in Quebec even though our intended destination is BC?

Thank you for any advice!

Hi There,

I hope you are well. I know you haven’t received any response here but I was wondering if you found an answer to your query outside of here?
I’m kind of in the same boat. Would appreciate any response.


Hi! I’ve garnered a bit of info from other forums and such, but not sure how reliable any of it is, so take it with a grain of salt.

It sounds like as long as the principal applicant arrives first, there should be no issue. What I still don’t know is how exactly the CBSA officers get there info. i.e. if my partner flies into YUL, and 30 mins later I try to cross by car VT-Quebec, I don’t know how they know that he’s already crossed… but I guess we just have to trust the system there. Worst case scenario (for me, at least), I return to a friend’s place in VT and camp out there a few more days or however long is necessary.

I’m still lost (even more now after the new hotel quarantine rules) about crossing in a province that you don’t intend to settle in. I don’t think there is any inherent rules against it from what others have said, but now with the hotel quarantine I’m not sure how it will work. For example, if my partner flies to Montreal from France, even though our new “home” will be in Vancouver, then we’re not sure if he can do the 3 day quarantine in Montreal, then travel by car to Vancouver over multiple days to finish quarantine there. I’m skeptical that it will work though because I think they require an address for your quarantine, so taking a few days to get there might not be allowed. We won’t get in until late April at the earliest, so I’m hoping some of the new hotel quarantine rules will be refined by then and we’ll have some more answers.

Likewise, if you hear any other info about any of this, I would love to hear!
Good luck,

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Thanks so much for the detailed response. I’m consider the other option as well where I could have my family come to the US first and then we can all drive by the road. That way, we can avoid the separate landing hassle and quarantine at the same location. However, as it is, it’s still up in the air. So, I will definitely share any info that I might find that could help you/us.

Good luck to you too!

Yes, that seems like a great plan if it works for you. My partner and I only have a registered legal status in France, but it’s not recognized by the US so under the current restrictions he can’t come here. Maybe things will change by the time we’re moving and that’ll be an option.

What is your timeline like, if you don’t mind me asking? Do you already have a COPR or are you still waiting?

I hope it works out for you. Good luck with that!
Later this month is when I plan to travel. I have an Authorization Letter since my CoPR had expired last year in May.

Good luck! I’d love to hear how it goes for you and what route you end up taking.

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Any update guys? I’m in the same boat as well. @mem1476 @The_masterpiece