Passport Country/Territory of Issue


Hi All,

I got an ITA on June 13th round. I submitted my application of August 5th.

I just noticed that, in the express entry profile creation/ may be the final application too, I have put country of citizenship as ‘India’, but Country/Territory of Issue as “United States of America” as my passport was renewed/Issued at Washington DC.

My passport states “Place of Issue” as “Washington DC”

Now will this cause an issue with my application. Is there anything I need to do. I was just being completely truthful to my passport as the application states Country/Territory and not just Country.

Please provide your thought as I am a bit scared.
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Do you think it will an Issue or something which will make or break my application?


Not sure. You’ll need to contact them and request to update that information.


My Question is : Is there an update required, as the Territory of Issue is indeed USA. Or its better that I ask them this question and wait for their reponse!

I need to know if i am right or wrong in this!

People please respond to this @mrandmrssolapurkar @anshul.v.joshi and others


I’m saying that selecting USA is probably wrong.

Read the link I posted where someone selected country of issue as USA which is wrong since she’s an Indian citizen. The passport is issued by India even though it’s issued by the embassy in SF (Indian embassy = Indian soil for all intents and purposes).
Now are there two separate options: 1) Country of issue and 2) Territory/city of issue? If not it’s safer to select India for territory for issue. Which is why I said you should contact CIC to clear this up. If they don’t have any major issue with your selection they’ll ignore it/make the change. Atleast you’re being honest and letting them know.

I agree the option is a bit confusing for many people.


Thanks for the response. Now should I ask them for their opinion (don’t know if they entertain that through the web form) or just request them to make the change to “India”


Verify whether you had country of citizenship and country of issue as the two options, or whether you had a ‘place/city of issue’ as well. Because selecting US city makes sense only in the latter case. If you only had country of citizenship and country of citizenship as the two options then it should’ve been India.


I don’t think this is that big of an issue but you should contact them and advise them that you may have selected the wrong country and request that they make that change in your application. If they make the change or ignore it atleast it won’t be like you made a blunder in your application and they cancel it because of wrong information.


There were two fields to be filled in the ID summary tab, one was Country/Territory of Issue for which I entered USA, and the other was Country of Citizenship for which i selected India.

So according to you I should just submit the web form and ask them to change the Country/Territory of Issue to India?


Yes I think both should be India since it says “country/territory of issue” since it’s clearly not US.


My passport renewal happened at Washington DC as well. I entered country of citizenship and country/territory of issue as India. I logged back into my profile and verified that.


thanks @anshul.v.joshi. Really appreciate your response in this


thanks @rgh44 for the info


I had entered India as the country/territory of issue and my passport was issued at the San Francisco consulate. I would suggest updating the same using the web form.