Passport Delivery clarification - Ottawa from USA

I had sent a passport from USA on 11/08/2022 to 365 Laurier Ave West, OTTAWA, ON, K1A 1L1 via Fedex but when i show the delivery receipt, the package was delivered to 2303 STEVENAGE DR, OTTAWA, ON, K1A 1L1. so I just want to make sure that this is the legit address? Can anyone please confirm. your reply will be appreciate

Your passport delivered to wrong address so try to call to +1 (888) 242-2100

I have called yesterday to the company where they delivered the package and they mention that this is package scanning facitlity and they had delivered to 365 laurier ave west on Nov 14. Nothing goes directly to this address. Immigration office had redirected all mail to this location before delivery.