Passport for COPR, US to Canada, Signature on Commercial Invoice, Tax


I am sending our passports to Ottawa from the US and the general wisdom shared here seems to indicate that a Commercial Invoice is required. We went through the steps of creating a shipping label and commercial invoice, with FedEx.

  1. The last two lines of the generated commercial invoice are:

Originator or Name of Company Representative if the invoice is being completed on behalf of a company or individual:
CPCO - PR VISA <<---------this is automatically generated while going through the process of creating a shipping label
Signature / Title / Date: <<— who signs this ? me? or the CPCO?

To me, it looks like the eventual sender (CPCO) should sign it but the FedEx employee we spoke to said it should be me because I generated this form. If you used a Commercial Invoice with FedEx to successfully get a COPR, kindly let me know what is the correct option here?

  1. There is a “Duties and Taxes Payable by” line where the options are a) Exporter b) Consignee and c) Other. “Exporter”(CPCO) is checked in the generated form. Is that ok? I guess this is not a big deal because the value of the items is 0.

We have a Feb 5 deadline for the passport to reach Ottawa, so an immediate response will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


Hi, I am almost sure that I signed it in the end. Attached the electronic copy.

Update: Got our passport back in 10 business days. We were told that at the Fedex location that they could not generate return shipping labels from Canada->USA and that this can to be done from a Fedex account. We created a Fedex account and generated the label to ship from Canada->US. This process will take you through the steps to create a Commercial Invoice and we declared a value of $0 for the shipment from Canada->US. This will create multiple duplicate Commercial Invoice copies. Include all of them in your return envelope. We followed the instructions here:

Shipping label for US->Canada was created at the Fedex location. Declared $1 value for US->Canada.

We signed only the US->Canada Commercial Invoice.