Passport mailing address for CPC Ottawa

Hi there,
I got my passport request letter on Aug 24, 2021. The letter says if you have a mailing address in the US, send the documents to

CPC – Ottawa – PR
P.O. Box 8781 Ottawa, ON
K1G 5B3

Now my question is neither FedEx nor UPS deliver to PO boxes in Canada. So how to send the documents from the USA?

I have read from different forums and a few got emails with address 365 Laurier Ave West, Ottawa ON K1A1L1.

And what should be the originating address on the return envelope? I do not want to send my passport to the wrong address. Any help is appreciated!

The “Ready for Visa” email will also include the instructions for sending your passports via courier, right after the PO box address.

Thanks for the reply. But in the letter there is no other address mentioned. But I was able to send my package via USPS to Canadian PO box