Passport Renewal After Receiving ITA

Hi guys,
I just received an ITA today on the 25th of June, but my current passport expires in the next 6 months.
I am now at the stage where you basically have a chance to update your EE profile but cannot because I want to put my new passport info on this profile so that there are no discrepancies. I have applied for a new passport and that will take around 4 - 5 weeks from today. I’m trying to get other stuff done like the Medical exam, proof of funds, US police certificate but I cannot find the place to upload them. Is it during the next stage after you submit the updated EE profile that you get a chance to upload those documents? Also do I need to wait for CIC email to tell me to take the medical exam or can I just go on my own to certified panel physician. If that is the case what documents do I need?

  1. Usually passport renewal takes only a week if you have applied at the consulate in the US and around 2 weeks, if you have submitted in India so you should be fine.

  2. Medical exam can be scheduled by going to the panel physician by yourself. You don’t need to wait for correspondence from CIC. You just inform the physician that you need to schedule the upfront medical exam for Canadian immigration. They will ask you to bring your passport and/or probably some other documents for verification. They will provide a receipt after the test which you would need to scan and upload in the ‘Document Upload’ section.

  3. The ‘Document Upload’ section is accessible only after the forms are filled and submitted. You might have to wait to get there since you are awaiting your new passport. Either way, have your proof of funds and PCCs ready.

  4. Please go through this first and if you have any additional queries, let us know.

Thank You @mrandmrs. This has been really helpful.

Hi Pranoy,
I am facing similar issue. Hope you could help me.
I have to renew my passport to update my name and adrdess details. So technically my passport will change . I have already received an ITA. Will this affect my EE approval? I am worried cause my IELTS and ITA is linked to old passport. Will my application get rejected due to name and address change? These information has changed due to marriage (I do have a marriage certificate)
please help. Thanks in advance.

Im facing same problem. Did you get any solution ?? Please guide me what i need to do.