Passport Renewal post ITA

Hello all,

I received my ITA on September 28th, 2020. Cleared medicals on November 23th, 2020 and completed my biometrics on December 7th, 2020.

My passport expires May, 2021 and I’m planning of renewing it now. Is it recommended to do at this stage of application as all my previous activity (Police clearance, Medicals, Biometrics) is based on old passport?

I already sent an inquiry to IRCC via webform and haven’t heard back for a long time. Could anyone please suggest and share similar experiecnes if any?


I don’t see any problem renewing passport, I have renewed passport in tatkal after receiving PPR and did not face any issue. Soon after you receive new PP, raise a web form to add it to your express entry profile.

Thanks so much for the reply. While stamping, did you send old pp along with the new one?

No … sent just the new ppt

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