Passport Request for child who is US citizen

Hello All,
Me and my wife are Indian Citizens and my kid is a US citizen. Once we receive the request for passport, do we need to send passport or any information for him?
My understanding is, since my child is a US Citizen, we dont need to send his passport. As he does not need a visa to enter Canada. Please advise.

Thank you

My case is similar. I have not sent my kid’s passport. Also in the PPR requirements, it is clearly mentioned, that US citizens need not send their passport only a photocopy should suffice.

We got our passports back with CoPR for all three of us.

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Thank you, @vilas


Our case is similar . Our child is a US citizen and we are Indian citizens . Do we need to provide a photocopy of each page of her passport? Should we submit child’s passport just to be on the safer side?

No. I read the email again and it clearly says dont send passports for US. Also, the only photocopy of photo page and any amendment page is required. Not all pages.
Here is the text from the email-

If you hold passport(s) from countries whose citizens need an eTA to travel to Canada or hold passport(s)/travel document(s) issued by the United States , you DO NOT need a Permanent Resident Visa to be affixed in your passport. Please do not send your original passport(s). You are required to submit one photocopy of the photo page and any pages containing amendments of the passport for you and for each accompanying family member. Please ensure that your passport(s) for which you will submit a photocopy is valid for at least 6 months.

Thanks a lot! Just one more question- do we have to submit our old/expired passports as well along with the current ones?

Only current one. Because this is just for them to print your one time entry visa so that you can enter into Canada.