Passport submission consent form: Biometrics section

Hi all. Thanks for reading and responding.
We applied to and were approved for the recent Open Work Permit for H1B holders. To submit the passport via courier, we have to include a consent form .

The form has a page for biometrics consent. Now, we already provided our biometrics to a local biometrics collection center, and we have to send the form to a different VFS center (NYC).

Since we are only submitting the passports, what are we supposed to fill for the biometrics page? Do we sign the biometrics consent or do we leave it empty?


Have you and your family already completed a biometric appointment.? I also applied OWP as an H1B holder, but I only received the biometric letter I already gave in August-08.
My application status is still in progress and I am waiting for the next step. Could you please highlight your submission to the approval timeline journey…?