Passport Submission while in different countries

So, after 9 months of application processing, we (my wife and I applied together) got our letter to send the passports and photos for Permanent Residence Visa.

Now, my wife is going to travel outside the US for a few months and we have 30 days to send the documents. The letter does state that if we need any accommodations, we should reach out to IRCC immediately. Given that it has already taken this long, we do not want to delay it further.

Has anyone been in such a situation? Can I send my documents to Canada and get it shipped back to the US, while my wife does it with any other location?
How has this step been for people outside North America?

The letter states that “Please note that our office will not return passports to an address outside North America.”

P.S.: I have also dropped a mail to IRCC, but I am still hoping to know about other’s experience and suggestions.

Hi Ravish,

Did you sort out your situation by any chance? I am in a similar boat and looking for some answers. Any help would be very much appreciated.