Passport submitted on 11th and still waiting... Any Advise...?

Applied from inside Canada.
Got the Passport request on 9th.
Submitted the passport on 11th.
Got delivered on 12th.
No response or return activated. Not sure if anything is happening or not.

Are you an inland applicant…? Is Canadapost functioning…?
Did you submit the web form…?
Any suggestions, please advise…:slightly_smiling_face:


I’m an inland applicant. Mine is also same!
PPR(information letter): March 9th
Passport sent: March 10th
Passport delivered: March 11th (CPC Ottawa)

After that Nothing. Even my online account hasn’t been updated.

Have you submitted any online form…?

Yes. Along with passport, I’ve submitted 2 passport size photos and Annex: A from.

No online form is not that one… No because of this situation the Callcenter isn’t available. So what ever query we have we can submit an online form…

No. I haven’t submitted anything like that. Is it necessary to submit that form?

That’s the only to raise any concern to them… There is no call center now at this point to call and ask

Many of us are in the same state.

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