Passport Return from CPC Ottawa

Hello friends,

My application got approved on March 13th but the return tracking number hasn’t been activated yet. Any idea how ling does it take for CPC to retun passports, any fellow mates whose application got approved the same day and got their passports back?

Any help/insight will be highly appreciated.



Hi, I’m in the same boat too.
I got my application approved on March13, 2020. Return tracker still not activated yet.

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I am guessing they must be overwhelmed too with all the stuff going around, hopefully they dispatch them soon !!


Any update Today ?

No man. Nothing so far.

How about you?

Nothing…just wait and wait !!

We sent our passports to CPC Ottawa and it was delivered on March 11, 2020. @raga2505 @hsingh - how many days did it take for your application to be approved after the passports were delivered to CPC Ottawa?

Thank you!

@skjhu0305 for me it took a week.

Mine got delivered there on the 5th. And the application was approved on the 13th.

Thank you @raga2505 and @hsingh! Is there any way I can contact CPC Ottawa if I don’t see any updates in the next week or so?

@skjhu0305 I believe the only way is to email them at

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@raga2505 any update?
mine were delivered on 11th and stamped on 18th. No update afterwards.

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did you send email? If yes, did you get any response?

Hi @skjhu0305, We’re in the same boat. Passports were delivered form USA to CPC-O on March 11th, 2020 but there’s been no update yet. Looking at @karan_bhardwaj’s post, looks like things are moving forward, they probably might just be a little slow due to Coronavirus impact.
Should we try sending an inquiry through email or just wait it out ?

@karan_bhardwaj No, I did not send any email yet. I am guessing responding to inquiries will be their least priority at this time.


Mine got delivered to Ottawa CPC on Mar 13th. No updates yet either.

I’m going to wait another week and then send an email.

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Any update?

No man, absolutely nothing :confused: