Path to ITA - How to

Dear, Community.

Can you please let me know if I will have a fair chance at getting an ITA to Canada with the below scores?

Total CRS - 416.

IELTS - 8.0 ( L 9, R 7.5, W 7.5, S 8 ).

Age - 33

Educational Qualification - Bachelor’s

Is there anyway, I can increase on the CRS?

Thank You.

There are 3 options :

  • Get a Masters Degree
  • Get a Job Offer (eligible)
  • 416 should be good for a PNP. Try that.
    OR wait for the cutoff to reduce (very unlikely)

you have maxed out on IELTS from CRS perpective.

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Thanks a Lot for replying.

Getting a Master’s Degree is the reason why I am planning to move Canada. I believe, going on a PR, if I can, should give me the possibility of working ( support for my Family ) and studying.

So, the only options are Getting a Job Offer, and a PNP.

Thank You, again.

If you get 8 in reading, you will get extra 3 points. Getting job offer in Canada from India is difficult, but not impossible. So PNP is your best bet. Best Wishes.

Thanks a Lot for the reply, Sir.

I will check in the PNP program.

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