PCC at San Francisco with Notarized Passport

Hi All,

I recently inquired with the consulate to see if I will get back my original passport after a month if there are delays in PCC generation.

I was told that there is no need to send original passports, a notarized copy would be enough.

I want to see if anyone has done that before and if it works ? I


I sent only notarized copies of my passport (not original passport) and I got back my PCC with 3 weeks from SFO. My wife however had her PCC request sent to RPO in India for some reason and we are still waiting for that one.

All in all one does not need to send original passport to SFO for PCC when applying via mail, notarized copies of the passport are sufficient.

This is a bit late but I figured it might help someone looking to apply for PCC during covid. My wife and I applied for PCC via mail at the SF consulate 3 weeks ago and submitted only notarized copies of our passport. We got our PCC after 15 days. Just in case, we emailed the Miscellaneous services department at the consulate. They were pretty quick to respond and helped clarify a lot of our questions before we submitted.

Thanks a lot! Could you kindly provide a link for the whole procedure during covid at Chicago consulate. Thank you.

Hi,how did you contacted consulate ? I’m trying to call and email them but I,m not getting any response.
You got front and back page notarized?
Even I don’t want to send my original passport, that’s why thinking of sending notarized copy

Hi, I sent them an email and got a reply within 2 days. I had to send the original passport to the Chicago consulate.