PCC docs sent to India by Indian Consulate

My and my spouse’s passports were issued from Chicago. I was under the impression that we will get PCC from Indian Consulate Chicago on the same day but it didn’t happen as we expected. I got my PCC same day but they didn’t found some record for my spouse PCC they have to send docs to India to get it done.

I have already received an ITA on 17th April and I am not sure that if PCC will be done in the next 3-4 weeks. I have all of the documents ready to upload except PCC and medical( just waiting for PCC and there is no waiting for medical appointments).

Has anyone faced a similar issue?
How much time it will take to get PCC done from India?
Is there any way I can expedite this process?

Any replies will be highly appreciated.

One of my friend was in same situation. She had it expedite through some one she knew in the passport office in India. Even then, It took 4 weeks for her to get the PCC.

If you do not receive PCC with in time. Submit acknowledgement that you have applied for PCC at consulate and that should work. And, After you receive PCC you can upload it thorough web form.

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