PCC from India without spouse name


I have received my ITA few weeks back, I wanted to apply for PCC from India. I don’t have my spouses name on my passport, and getting it added would take no more than 15-20 days and then further PCC would require another 15 days. Should I just mention unmarried and get my PCC done? Will this affect my immigration process?

You should never lie on an application to expedite it.

There’s no need for your spouses name to be on your passport, you can have that added next time you renew your passport.

If they ask for proof of the marriage, then attaching a copy of your marriage certificate should suffice.

We got PCC from India without spouse’s name in passport (in 2018 I think). It should not be an issue, but the constable/policeman trying to verify address may try to drag his feet on this (as was in our case).