PCC India and US

Is there any expiry date for India and US PCC?

I recently renewed passport in which got Canada address printed (working in Canada on work permit) so no more Indian address on Old passport printed on new one. I have all my Indian address proofs as my old passport address. Nobody lives in that address anymore as recently sold, but current tenants are in touch so they can call my parents if police showed up. However, My parents have voter card proof for present living address. Question, Which address should I give to void hassles in my case? Old passport address? or, New address?

I see mixed opinions some say “no expiry date”, while others say “6 months or 1 year expiry from date issued”.

I see medicals will expire in 1 year from date issued, but guess not the case with at least India PCC.

@Chahat Kamal karte ho yaar! I don’t think they will ask if you are married … For me it was very straightforward, the police will either call your parents or visit and ask them if they know you.

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