PCC replacement required

Hi community members,

I got an update on my application after 2 years. And they want me to send PCC and Schedule A. I see two different statements related to this -

  1. In the letter from CIC, they say - “From each country/state where the residence period has been six months or longer since the age
    of 18, provide an original police clearance certificate Updated PCs”

  2. In the upload documents section, the info button shows - “You must provide a police certificate from this country or territory. We use police certificates to find out if you have a criminal record. They help us make sure you are not a security risk to Canada.”

I am not sure whether I need to send PCC only from USA or from India as well?

Please share your opinion.

Thank you.

@avj @mrandmrs Please share your views.

I would provide PCC from both India and US. As that is what my wife and I had to do.

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