PCC San Francisco Timeline

This is both a question and an information I would like to share.

Me and my wife went to the SF Consulate General of India on last Friday (Nov 15) for PCC. My wife was told that she can come pick up the PCC anytime after Tuesday (Nov 19). This is a very quick turn around time. However, for me, they said they can’t say when I will get the PCC as it needs to be approved by the police station near the address I provided in India. They asked me to email after 1 month and check. Did anyone recently visit SF consulate and was told PCC is needed from India? How long did it take for you to get PCC?

The reason why they don’t need India approval for my wife is that she had her passport renewed in India after she was 18, and hence there was a police clearance that happened before renewing her passport, hence they don’t need police clearance from India again. In my case, the last passport (my first one) that was issued in India was when I was 16 years old and hence no police clearance happened for me. The subsequent passport renewal happened in Chicago (when I was 26), where there was no police clearance (I am not sure if that is the case for all outside-India passport renewals).

Hope this helps someone who had their passport issued in India after age of 18. You can probably expect very fast turn around time if applying at SF consulate.

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It took appx 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, they called my contact number and asked me to pick up the document.

Hi Nik. Thanks for your response! A few questions -

  1. Did you have a passport that was renewed/issued in India after you turned 18? In other words, did they have to send your details to the police station in India for verification?
  2. Did you apply by mail or in person?
  1. Yes, and later it was renewed in the USA.

  2. In person

Thanks Nik. Sorry my first question wasn’t clear. I don’t know what you answered “yes” for as I combined two questions into 1. So, trying again:

  1. Did they have to send your passport details to India to get it verified?
  2. Did you have a passport issued/renewed in India after you turned 18?

I assuming answer for 1 is NO (or I don’t know) and the answer for 2 in YES? If so, your case is different from mine.

My passport was first issued in India when I was 22. It was later reissued after 10 years in the USA.
They took four weeks. I am not sure if they sent that to India.

My wife’s PCC took similar time, but she never had her passport renewed in the USA.

So, just wait for 4 weeks. That’s the SLA I guess.

Thanks Nik!

Similar situation happened with me also, I raised a PCC request to SF consulate and after a month they told me they need clearance from India, It has been more than 2 and half month since they sent an inquiry to India. I haven’t received any update from SF consulate since 27th August.

I am sorry to hear that. In my case, they issued me the police certificate in just 1 week even though they had told me (at the time of submission) that it will take an “unpredictable” amount of time. I don’t know how I got it so early.

Is there any way we can contact with them, they don’t even reply to the emails.

Yeah, they don’t seem to reply to email or phone calls. It’s very unfortunate.