People in the Waterloo Region

Anyone in Waterloo/Kitchener/Guelph/Cambridge or nearby? Would love to connect. Maybe there are even a decent number of people here for a meetup.

And… if you fancy moving here, let me know if you need any information. Happy to help.


Hi @ak45,

I currently don’t live in the Waterloo area, but it is one of the 2 areas I would most likely move to depending on job (other being Kanata/Ottawa region). I was looking for areas that are not super crowded (like Toronto/Vancouver), but have decent amount of Software jobs.
Could you please comment on what you think of the region in terms of job opportunities, salaries/cost of living, commute/crowd, Schools etc.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


We are just moving to Waterloo, so this message is in perfect timing! Would love to catch up. Any advice on where to look for houses in waterloo? Appreciate any advice. Thanks

Here’s my take on the area:


  • Affordable - You can find spacious rentals in safe neighborhoods for a reasonable price compared to big cities like Toronto. No surprise that a lot of families and retires choosing this region as their home.
  • Booming tech sector - Big names like Shopify, Google, Blackberry have offices here, and one of the country’s top engineering schools at the University of Waterloo is located here. There is a lot of entrepreneurial activity and a few tech meetups. This is certainly an area with huge potential.
  • Real estate market - If you’d like to invest in a house, look no further. Prices are within reach for the most us, yet have the potential to quickly appreciate.
  • Very family oriented - Many people that I’ve talked to love the affordable and moderately populated nature of the area. Its not too crowded and if you move way from downtown you can get a single family house with a yard that many families desire.
  • Indian community - This is certainly not Sunnyvale or Irving, but you won’t feel isolated if you yearn for Indian culture and food. Plenty of restaurants, a couple of temples and a small but significant Indian population.


  • Demand for housing - The good ones go away fast. You will need to plan out your apartment hunting and allocate plenty of time. Took me a month to settle down, and I’d attribute part of that to luck.
  • Quietness - Everything shuts down early. Typically 7ish. This comes as a shock to those of us in big cities. Nightlife is not non-existent but comes with limited options.
  • Airports - There is a Waterloo regional airport, but flights are sparse and expensive. The best option is to fly from Toronto, which requires 1.5-2hr travel by road. Something to think about for frequent flyers.
  • Public transport - A light rail was opened earlier this year which connects major points of interest in Kitchener and Waterloo. There are also buses connecting the region. However, the service may not be frequent depending on your commute and depending on where you live and work, a car becomes essential to save time. Grand River Transit is the name of the agency; you can look up their routes online. Uber is pretty good though, never had to wait more than 3min for a ride.
  • Climate - This goes for most of Canada, not really worth any thought if you are considering places like Toronto with a similar climate. Expect a longer Spring/fall, short summers and cold winters.

Good luck!


Ak45: Thanks for the great write up. Really helpful
We r in the house hunting stage and it is getting challenging. We will hopefully find something soon.
Would love to catch up in a few days when things settle down. Would be great if we can share phone nos. Is there a Private Message feature we can use? Thanks again!!

Sure, will send you a PM. Welcome to Canada and good luck with the house hunt!

For anyone researching the area, or currently living here & looking for opportunities -

Happening next week.
This is a job fair where the hottest local companies will be around. Good networking/job opportunity and a chance to learn more about the tech scene here.

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Thanks for the info !!