Permanent Residence Application

Just received an ITA and I am currently in the process of completing the new Permanent Residence Application. I have got a couple of questions:

  1. The post-ITA form is almost the same as the previous one but it has new information that we need to add. My question is related to one of my old questions. Under Education, since I had ICAS do my Education Assessment of my Master’s degree ONLY, should I leave the past entry as is or should I add my Bachelor’s into the Education field. Filling in the blanks here, I had ONLY mentioned my Master’s in my application since that is the only assessment I have gotten (highest degree).
    In one of your responses someone mentioned, we might have to add Bachelor’s degree post ITA. Where do I add it? Do I add it on the Education tab? Would that affect my CRS score?
  2. I nowhere see under the Permanent Residence Application a place to upload the documents. Does this stage come AFTER we finish with the Permanent Residence Application? I am just being cautious.



  1. I suggest leaving it as is. I think you get Max points for the Masters. You can call out the Bachelor’s degree in the personal history section, and you’d not need to upload any specific proof. Having said that, may be upload the Bachelor’s degree certificate along with your LOE (and explain that you aren’t claiming points for Bachelor’s, but being truthful want to account for the time in personal history).

  2. Yes. Once you supply all information and click next, you will get to a page with specific buttons for the proofs they want you to upload.

Good luck!

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