Permanent residence visa for US passport(kids)


we have received a letter to send passports for permanent residence visa and COPR.
Me and my wife has Indian passports so we need to send, regarding my kids they have US passports. Do I need to send their passports as well or they can receive COPR directly. Their ages are 5 and 1.

Another issue is my daughters passport will expire AUG 9th and we have applied for renewal. Due to covid reasons, its getting more delayed.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

My kids are US citizens too and I remember sending their passports. While their passports returned without the PR visa stamp (as they do not need one to enter Canada) we had our passports stamped with the one time visa. In addition we got all the COPRS.

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Thank you for the information. So we need to send the passports.

Considering my situation where my daughter’s new passport is taking more time due to covid, Can I respond to the IRCC explaining the situation?

totally, you should let them know and see what they have to say

Sure, will submit IRCC form. Thank you!

We got a COPR for our US born kid, but we didn’t send her passport.The email that we got from IRCC mentioned some steps fro applicants with US passport.

Thank you @spai. I was just reading the letter. You are right, they are not asking for original passport but a copy with 6 months validity.

Unfortunately the passport expires in 2 weeks. I have submitted the IRCC form with the same information. Will post here once I receive the response.

Thanks again @deepac & @spai

good luck!