Permanent Residency application progress

anyone received progress update on your Permanent Residency application? its been more than 7 months since I submitted , no update , any idea on timeline to receive a decision ?

Which stream? inland or outland?

We are currently in USA and applied in March 2020 and still no update. Even I would like to know if anyone received any update !!

As per my knowledge, there are 327k applications in progress for PR. I believe sending documentation correctly is the key for visa officers to review. Complex applications could delay.

Is that number you have listed publicly somewhere? Do you know how many belong to each program? How many are inland vs Outland? We are in a similar boat. We applied oct 2020 (11 months ago) and have heard nothing at all. We are Outland federal skilled worker category.

As per MyImmiTracker

CEC inland applicants are getting in around 2 months, someone even got it in 29 days. followed by PNP inland (Jan 2021) followed by outland applicants

I applied in Dec 2019 from the USA. No updates yet