Personal history in the past 10 years - high school?


I’m filling out the application after having received the ITA. One of the sections asks to provide the details of my personal history in the last ten years (or since his/her 18th birthday if this was less than ten years ago). Unfortunately, my last 10 years overlaps with my high school education (I’m probably dating myself here…). I’m asking because of-couse I didn’t get my high school diploma evaluated. So I’m in a dilemma. If I didn’t add my high school experience, then it wouldn’t meet the 10-year requirement. But if I included my high school, would they ask for my high school diploma or to get it evaluated?



What specific details are you asking about, education details? The ECA is only for the highest degree achieved so you can get points awarded for this degree. You can provide them names of your schools, colleges, etc but no documents or ECA are required outside of the ECA you already have. You’re now past ECA, etc this is now the real application :smile:


Few question regarding personal history:

  1. Do we have to include internships in the personal history? Generally one does an internship under CPT (which is a part of the course as you are still enrolled in university for 1 credit). The internship duration gets covered under the total duration of study.
  2. Do I need to include my TA / RA work? It would be counted as part-time as it was 20 Hr / Week, but again it would look like I was doing it in parallel.

Any thoughts? @vik


Your TA/RA work is probably not full-time work so it won’t go under “work experience”, but you may include it in your personal history. Basically it overlaps with your studies so you can just say Masters 2015-2017, for example. You can include CPT internships that you do in between as full-time work experience if they are , paid, full-time and you can get reference letters for them; it might add to your total work experience. Sometimes students do 40 hours of RA work during summer in their Unis so in that case you can include that under your work experience. I included both my full-time CPTs outside uni as work experience and also got reference letters for those. I did not include my TA/RA/PhD fellowship since it was part-time and overlapped exactly with my studies. In my time (yes I’m 100 years old), we did not have to take credits for internships so it was separate from studies.


True, but the internship exceeds my 3 year bracket, I don’t have reference letters for those and it would be a big hassle to get them. CPT as you stated can be included in personal history so that I declare that. However, I didn’t declare my internship, though it was full time, since it was outside my 3 year window. I did join the same company later and got a letter for the full time position that I was there for.


You can still declare the internship/CPT but not count it towards your work experience that’s fine. Then they won’t ask for reference letters.