Personal History - Statutory Questions



For the questions below, the first one I have answered as yes since i was refused a visa few years back and In provide details I have mentioned everything, what about the next one do I need to answer it yes as well? since the questions are identical?

Thank you



What happens if you say yes to second one, does it ask for details?
If you were denied a student visa then you should probably select no first and yes for second (?). The first one says visitor or temporary resident visa which is not a student visa.



Hi Anshul,

Yes it does ask for details - I was denied for a skilled graduate visa , it is kind of a work permit given for any one who fits the criteria for two years to work in australia. Which is why i put yes for the first one as i felt it is a temporary resident visa

Second one I wasn’t sure but since I was denied a visa which im assuming comes under work permit.



In that case I’d recommend answer yes to both. If the denial reason was benign they probably won’t hold it against you.

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