Personal situation - passport not returned IRCC

HI, I had sent my passport to CPC Ottawa on Oct 27, which reached them on 28. Its been more than 5 weeks with no updates. I want to retrieve my passport urgently, created many webform entries and called multiple agents with no useful information. Finally got this email id -


for urgent retrieval, was wondering if anyone can confirm this is the right email id?

Not sure of this email ID, but you can definitely email this one for getting an update. They are pretty responsive. (

Thank you!

this email worked-, today got a call from a lady from CPC Ottawa who said she has mailed the passport today. Thanks again!

I am in the same boat. My us visa status about to expire. Did you get passport back with the copr?


Hi, yea I got it within 2 days of sending that mail for emergency retrieval.

got it, after that. Does the passport come with a visa stamp and copr? Do you need re-send the passport later?


In my case they stamped the visa and sent the copr as well.

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thank you so much! hope something good happens to me as well…

@sammamish I am nearing my H1B year year cap and will have to leave the US by March. The passport has been with Ottawa office for 4 weeks now and no update. Is this a valid reason requesting them to return the passports quickly?

Can you confirm what email ID you had reached out to for this request?

@gurugururanjanrao has there been any progress on your case. I am on the same boat as yourself. Let me know for any suggestions.

no updates so far… indeed same boat…

Hey @gurugururanjanrao. Any progress on your case?

Hi @sammamish

I submitted my pp and need to get my passport urgent retrieved. One of my friend has given me the email address but i could not verify it anywhere, how did you get this email address, do you think it’s authenticated?

I did email to the other main email address of cpc ottawa and have not hot any response for more than 2 weeks now. TIA.