Personal situation - Received passport and photo back without copr

Hi guys, I have a slightly weird case and wanted to check if anyone here could help out.

I am a PR applicant (Express Entry) - Submitted my application in June 2019 and got my PPR in March 2020. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to submit my passport to IRCC for the CoPR.

However, when services resumed, I sent my passport to IRCC via the 2-way courier service of VFS. My passport reached Delhi IRCC on Dec 9th and today I received my passport, and there is no visa, no COPR. My application online also has not been updated.

My medicals expired on July 2020.

In all this time, I have not received any email from IRCC asking for additional documents, what do you think could have been the reason?

They had my passport for more than 30 days and now they send it back without anything and no updates on the portal too.

Anyone faced a similar experience? Any advice? I’ve raised webforms but no respose! :frowning:

Sam situation with me. Raised webform but got reply that be patient and keep checking your IRCC account.

When did you submit your passport? And are your medicals also expired ?

My case is exactly same as yours. Medical expired in Sep’20. Used VFS 2 way courier service and got passport blank. Anywhere we can connect to discuss further. Its really confusing with no transparent picture.

Thinking to get GCMS notes as getting standard reply from webform is not helping case. Also seeing below info on CIC site under heading

Approved permanent resident applicants with expired and expiring COPR and permanent resident visa who are outside Canada

How to apply for GCMS notes outside of Canada ?

Various sites are there, if you check. I have just ordered using Thing is it takes 30-40 days to get the report.

Did you get any update?

Not yet… Have raised too many web forms but still no reply. Did you get any response?

Nothing till now. Not sure whats happening.

Any updates?

I just got an automated response saying my query has been passed on to the concerned visa office that is processing my file.

No updates after that. What about you?

This was the response I got earlier but nothing after that.

Hey…have you heard anything from IRCC? Any response on how to resubmit passport for CoPR?

Reply i got was that due to covid, processing is slow and updates will be shown on application as and when progress is made. So standard reply, no clear picture. My email id is, if you dont mind would like to understand your case more.