PGWP situation - Circumstances

Hi guys I have a situation that needs addressing. It is a unique situation, but of course that goes for everyone posting their comments in this group.

Outline of my situation

Perceived problem: Losing my eligibility to apply for PGWP

Documents: Have received Letter of completion dated December 2019 and transcript of grades. The letter of completion states I graduated January 2018.

Status: Outside Canada, have not applied for PGWP application yet

Why I left Canada: My passport was expiring so I had to return to Malaysia to get a new one

Goal: How can I obtain my PGWP, would I need a good letter of explanation?

Concerns: There has been a huge sum of money spent on my education in Canada, if I can’t go back it would be a disaster. If I can’t get my PGWP I wouldn’t be able to qualify for the Canadian experience class.

What are my options?