Photo Resubmission Request


We landed in Canada in July 2022 (not soft landing). Last week (so ~70 days from landing), myself and my daughter received the PR cards at our Canada home address but my wife got a letter from IRCC to resubmit the photos. She did that last week and FedEx shows delivered.

We are a bit worried on how long it will take to get her card. The problem is that my wife and my daughter are now in India and need the PR card to return in December. I am in Canada and flying out mid-November. I am hoping to get her PR card before then so I can take it with me to India.

Did someone recently resubmit photos? If so, how long did it take to get the PR card, and did you get any confirmation that they have received the photos and accepted them?

I am thinking if it is smart to apply for PRTD at Canada consulate in India.