Photograph in Dallas area

I received request to submit the passports for stamping.
I wanted to know if there are any preferred studios in Dallas area to get the specified photographs?
I know that Walgreens can do that, but I wanted to know if there were any other.
Thank you in advance.

There is a place called APV studios in Irving, he specializes is taking photographs for PPR etc.

Thank you
Is there any other place you know of which is open a bit late ?

No, APV is the one that I’ve used. Sorry!

Go to a professional, dont bother with Wallgreens or CVS. just show the photographer the spec sheet for photos and they can tailor it to those requirements.

Thank you @mahi and @ak45 for your replies.
I found a professional studio: TOV studio photography in Grapevine; they are open till 9 pm.
Thank you again.

I have done it at Cotsco in Plano. They stamped my photos and did it as per recommended size. I had done there for my ITA and it got accepted. My passport is currently at Ottawa and till now no updates. I am considering it as good news

Also I have another question, do we write details on both photographs or just 1?
The specifications document mentions one(1) photograph should have all details like DOB, name, studio details and date.
Thank you in advance.

All the details you mentioned should be only on 1 photograph

Thank you so much! Really appreciate all the help :blush: