Planning on soft landing by air in Ottawa


My husband and I are planning to do a soft landing via Ottawa airport at the end of the month (May 2022). We intend to give my parents address in Canada to mail the PR.

Has anyone done a soft landing in Ottawa from the US?

Also, what documents do we need to have with us? I’ve heard conflicting info on if we should have the goods to follow form with us or only when we do the permanent move.


I did soft landing last year Dec. The only documents Canadian Border will ask for is

  1. Approved CoPR documents
  2. Passports

They (Canadian Border) will provide you the good to follow list (Customs form) to fill it in . You can list whatever items (furniture, vehicle etc ) you plan to permanently take with you to Canada. After that they will take some time to process your data and shortly after some time provide you a form to which address you want the PR Card to be mailed to (Should be a Canadian address).


I appreciate your response! Question about the GTF form: are we meant to fill it out there (and try and think of all the things we will bring) or take it with us, fill it out, and bring it when we do the final move?

Also, if you gave them a Canadian address that you weren’t living at, like a friend… did they have any issues or say anything about it?


You can list down whatever items you plan to bring . even if you decide not to bring anything at a later point of time it does not matter. there is no charge for any thing(1 time)

you should be able to list down any friends address , it should be a valid Canadian address.