Please advice - Best option for ECA for Master (Indian university) apart from WES


I’m posting this again since I’m not getting the response.

I did my (Indian University) and (Indian University). Recently got my WES evaluation report and as expected they didn’t credit me master equivalency. This situation is putting me into “Two or more Degree/diploma category” instead of Master category for CRS form.
Anyways, my question is:

  1. Which one is the best agency apart from WES to get Master equivalency.
  2. How long IQAS & ICES are taking these days in this COVID time?
  3. Did anyone applied to IQAS /ICES recently & got it done quick?

Looking forward for your guidance!

Thank you

Hi did you get your masters evaluated yet? IQAS is closed these days. Is ices working? I have done, will it recongnise as masters degree.

Hi Sonalb,

I applied to IQAS. My docs reached them 2 weeks ago, so now its time to wait. Processing time online is reduced to 6 weeks now compare to earlier in Oct when it was 21 weeks. So Im just hoping things will turn in my favor.

Who says IQAS is closed? Just wondering if you know something which I dont.

@Sonalb I understand the concern however I am not too familiar with the process for IQAS. Is it within their normal SLAs? If not it might help to call and enquire.

I am getting this error when i am trying to create my application through iqas. Even checked the internet everybody is facing the same issue.