Please help me calculate my work experience

The work experience gained as a full-time student outside Canada counts towards the score used to rank your profile

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I am giving IELTS end of August, by the time i am done with application etc. it’ll be mid September so say the profile starts counting work experience until then. I’m trying to determine what my CRS score will be so I can manage expectations. Work experience (the difference between 2 years and 3 years is making all the difference between a near guaranteed ITA and shaky prospect)

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I’ll get straight to it, here’s what I have:

Been working on STEM OPT in the U.S. since April 2018 ( counting till September it’ll be 2 years and 5 months)

WHILE DOING M.A. in the U.S., graduated end of 2017 (it was a three semester course)

  • 2 month summer internship (unpaid full time at the UN - claimed a credit)
  • 4 month fall internship (during my final semester - paid part time, claimed a credit)

WHILE DOING Bachelor’s in India (4 year university)

  • 4 month final semester internship (during my final semester - paid full time, claimed credits)
  • 1 month summer internship (paid full time - did NOT claim credit)

Do any of these above internships count?


If I remember correctly, work exp should be paid and it should be in the same field as the NOC.

Here are some links wrt internships for work exp.

Thank you for replying. I saw that tweet but it said “work experience requirement
And since I already meet the “requirement” of one year continuous experience I was wondering if I could use the internship days to add to the total work experience.

I think you can.Thats what the website says. Paid , continuous work exp ( even interships)

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Hi All, Good Day
I have the same query but a bit twisted.

Below is my career history

1)Started Working as assistant therapist (Dec 2016 till march 2017) First Organization

Graduated in march 2017

Got promoted to physiotherapist (april 2017) First Organization

Started house job (july 2017) Second Organization While working simultaneously as part time with First Organization

Left (nov 2017) First Organization

Left (jul 2018) Second Organization

Aug2018 to Feb 2020 Studied Only

Joined Job Aug 2020( As Editor NOC Changed)

What To Do? Which NOC To Select As Primary, Kindly Guide/Help