Please review my job duties for NOC 2173

I got my job experience letter with the following format,
<On Company’s letterhead>
31 October 2018


I am writing this to confirm that Mr. XXXX worked as a Senior Software Engineer at YY Inc. on a full-time basis of 40 hours a week between the dates of DD MM YYYY and DD MM YYYY. Mr. XXXX’s main duties during this employment consisted of the following:

  1. Collect users’ requirements
  2. Design software applications
  3. Develop software applications by producing clean, efficient code
  4. Integrate software applications
  5. Test and troubleshoot software applications
  6. Document software applications

Mr. XXXX‘s salary at the time of termination was $ZZZZZZ USD.
The letter is issued on the request of ex-employee for the purpose of Canada Visa application.

Yours faithfully,
<Signed by Manager>

I am planning to apply with NOC 2173. Do you see any problem with the letter/NOC code? Should it be NOC 2174?

I saw a few refusal threads here because of the wrong NOC code/job duties. Please review my letter and give your inputs. @avj @mrandmrs

My deadline to submit PR application is in 10 days. I am attaching salary slips, yearly tax forms(W2s), offer letter, increment letter, appraisal letter along with this letter.


Instead of Canada visa application, can they change it to Canadian immigration? I don’t know if it matters that much but just as a precaution. Everything else looks good to me. 2173 should be fine.

Thanks for your review. I changed NOC to 2174 as the description and job duties match even more closely. Attached a copy of H1B support letter written by my employer to USCIS as additional proof (This has even detailed job description with time split up etc.,) Attached around 15 payslips, W-2’s for all three years submitted and my EE applications. Lets hope for the best.

As this is my past employer its difficult/time consuming to go back and change visa to PR in letter. Submitted it as it is.

Hello, I recently submitted my application with NOC 2173 code. I am working as a software engineer (Full Stack- Rails, React, PG, ElasticSearch). The role does mention computer-based systems including mobile applications. Although computer based-systems are a little confusing.

Just wanted to get your opinion on if I selected the right NOC or I am in trouble:

The responsibilities are:

  • Building and maintaining a suite of internal products for content creators
  • Develop and maintain our backend code base, databases, and servers
  • Writing React components and building our next.js served to react apps
  • Contribute to architecture discussions
  • Work closely with the design team to ensure clarity about each spec

Hi @prash88 and @sp2410. can you please let me know how your application went? I am in a similar situation and the job duties in my reference letter relate with 4-5 Main duties out of 8 listed in NOC description page of CIC website . It surely is in line with the Lead statement. 2174 is my NOC. would that suffice? @avj @mrandmrs any thoughts here. Thanks

Don’t know too much about your tech stack but it looks correct. The important part is that your supervisor/HR should be willing to sign off on the experience letter that has your duties and responsibilities which should match NOC description to a large extent, even if it is not word to word match.

See above

Thanks @avj