PNP Eligibility for BC and Ontario

I’m from India and would like to try my luck with Canada PR and would like to understand the process for PNP. How to get to know when the cap opens for a province? Also immigration consultants here in India say that it’s good to have an attorney for PNP. I’m very new to the process and any information on PNP would help.

If I’m not wrong, PNP is for people who are already working in that province. Have you looked at other streams as well?

PNP is different for every province. I know a few people who have got PR under a provincial nomination for the province of Saskatewan. As far as I know for the popular provinces of BC, Ottowa you would have to have at least gone to college over there. The issue here is that you are required to live in the province that nominated you for up to 2 years and if its not a major economic center than you might be out of luck for jobs etc.

I am doing some research on provincial progs as well. My focus is mostly on BC or Ontario.
For Ontario prog, there’s something called OINP Express Entry Human Capital priorities stream. The eligibility criteria does not mention anything about Canadian degree or work experience.
However I did not find anything similar for BC. All BC provincial progs need the candidate to either have studies or worked in BC.

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OINP is an immigration prog for people who have a job offer in Ontario. It can also help employers find the skilled workers they need.

Individuals can apply through the International Masters Graduate Category and the International PhD Graduates Category

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Prog (OINP) offers an opportunity for international students with a Master’s degree obtained in Ontario to live and work permanently in Ontario.

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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Prog (BC PNP)

The other approach is to start by creating an Express Entry profile. Once you have signed up for Express Entry, you can use the system to indicate an interest in BC immigration. The BC PNP can then invite potential immigrants to apply for the prog through Express Entry, and nominated individuals will instantly be credited with 600 points on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

Candidate must have accepted an eligible full-time employment offer (BC International Post-Graduate applicants are exempted from this requirement)

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As far as I understand, we can get a job only if we have references in that respective companies where we are applying. So then how can we even try for a job with 0 referenced?

Not true. Having references is good to push your resume around and getting an interview but in the end it depends on your resume and your interview skills…same as in the US.

Ontario PNP is what I’ll be going for.
As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward and you don’t need a job offer:

The settlement funds amount is the same as the federal one: ~ CAD $12,500+.


Hey… Cheema Baiji…
Is that requirement of work experience required in Canada or anywhere is fine?

Anywhere is fine.

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You must check the eligibility through PNP calculator, for instance you can use BC PNP Points calculator for BC PNP and Ontario PNP Points calculator for Ontario.