PoF - 4 months old NRE account + USA Checking account


Hi All,

I am preparing to obtain PoF letters from my Chase Bank account in the USA and ICICI Bank in India. I opened my NRE account with ICICI Bank on Sept '18 (currently 4 months old). I closed a Chase Savings account and transferred that money to ICICI by first transferring the amount to my Chase Checking account and then to my NRE account. My account balance in my Chase Bank checking account alone does not meet the minimum required amount for PR.

My question is, since I opened my NRE account only 4 months back and given the fact that I have closed my savings accnt, will submitting bank letters for both ICICI and Chase Banks today raise any eyebrows?

I also plan to send 6 months statement of my checking account, all my US credit cards and the entire 4 month statement of my ICICI account.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.



It should be fine to provide PoF from both Chase and ICICI. In the Letter of Explanation, mention that you closed your Savings account and transferred those funds to the NRE account so that the sudden influx of funds doesn’t raise eyebrows.


Thank you for your reply @mrandmrs!

I will do so. I will also attach statements of my checking account and ICICI bank along with credit cards in that pdf alongwith my W2s just to show them that its my own money to be safe.

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