Points and Experience Updates Automatically?

I had submitted the profile of my wife as primary applicant into the Express Entry system and had marked her current job as “This is my current job” on the Work Information section.
She will soon finish 2 years of work experience in April on the same job. So the question is do the CRS points update automatically and increase internally? OR I have to somehow refresh the application for it to recalculate the points.

I do not think the CSR point update with regard to work experience. The points on such aspects are calculated at the point of submission. You could technically Quit your job, and take a break also, so your points won’t reduce either.

As far as I know - age is a factor that updates points, and I think even that has some conditions that need to be met.

Hi Vignesh,
I am in similar scenario.
You mean we have to update our profile post submission when we are in the pool? If yes, then I don’t have anything to update since I marked ‘This is my current job’ and neither my employer nor my designation has changed. What has changed is my experience from 2.5 years to 3 years but at the time of submission, six months back, I mentioned as it is my current job so there was no End date requirement. Please help.

You don’t need to change anything. No change in job means no update.

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So you are telling that my points would be recalculated as my experience has increased to 3 years? (For 2 years of experience my score was 442 and for 3 years it was shown as 462)

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Yes @Zack. It happened with me. My score was 456 when I still had 3 months left to complete 3 years. I got my ITA with that score. By the time I actually submitted my application, it got increased to 476 automatically.


Basically your eligibility is determined by the score you get for ITA. After that, it can only improve except for age. And I think there is an exception for that also.

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I am in the same situation. My score increased automatically before my 3 years experience was completed. Did you accept your ITA? Is it going to create any problem? I have heard that the score gets locked after receiving an ITA.

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EE profile truthfully filled and submitted does not need to change once you get the ITA. You are submitting the application on the basis of the points you get on the day you submitted your application, therefore you are required to submit the documents that support and justify those CRS points. If you leave/change your job after you submit the EE profile, change address, sit at home unemployed, it doesn’t affect your CRS score. What affects it is if you get married, get charged with a crime, are asked to leave Canada etc etc. So don’t worry too much about job changes.

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Hello Guys,

First of all thanks everyone for posting your feedback.
I have read all your posts but I’m little confused with those.

One question:
I am going to fill and submit the EE profile for a draw but I wanted to get some clarity regarding work experience.
In three months of time, I’m completing 4 years but if I fill rite now, will it take 3 years of work experience?
Because, there are some points difference between 3 and 4 years.
Will be the points updated automatically in the profile after 3 months? Or, do I need to update the same?(can I do that)

Appreciate your response, guys. Please, help me!
Thanks in advance slight_smile: