Points not enough to apply. Need suggestions/lawyer

Gave CELPIP with spouse. (Score: 8, 11, 8, 9) Points don’t seem to be enough. 3+ year SWE in USA H1B. MS from USA. BTech from IIT, India. 32 years old. Spouse age 33 and 3+ year experience.
Trying to get in touch with lawyer mentioned but not able to get response from him (after 24 hours of posting)
What can I do to increase points to apply and get ITA? Should I contact any other lawyer? Suggestions would be appreciated.

What is your CRS score coming out to be with your current CELPIP score?

What does that correspond to on IELTS. What’s your CRS score? With your profile, the easiest thing you can do to improve your score is to max out your language test.

Did you max the language test? Can you retake it?

It’s kind of pointless contacting a lawyer and spending lots of money for something you can improve on your own.

Maybe getting a provincial nomination can help ?

Being 32 years old with Masters and 3 years of experience should give you close to 460-470 points! I think you should give IELTS and max out that score and see. How many points did you get for the current profile?

Thanks for the replies.
My score is 394.
Simulated again using 10-12 CELPIP score for me and spouse. Comes out to be 469 then.
So i guess we both need to study and give test again. We did not prepare the first time.
Is there a reason to prefer IELTS over CELPIP. We can definitely do that if it helps.

Ok. we can take IELTS.
Do you thing getting Ontario provincial certificate is a good idea anyway? As it gives a much larger point boost, so looks more promising.
Maxing out IELTS barely gets us pass the high cut offs of ~450.
I am a 5 year experienced senior software engineer at Bloomberg, NY. Is Ontario’s skilled labor based provincial certification a fit for me?

EE cutoff is 440 as of now and it has been around this score throughout this year, barring a single draw in June where it rose to 451. So what exactly is your CRS score after maxing out IELTS? If its above 440, then you don’t have to apply for provincial nomination at all.

Well our CELPIP scores were not perfect at all although we dint prepare. Assuming that IELTS will max out is being too optimistic, maybe. But can try. Just that provincial certificate looks more promising. Although little more expensive.
We just want to make sure it works

I have a similar case (sorry for hijacking the thread).

With my bachelors and 10+ years experience and maxing on IELTS, I reach 390.
I have a job offer, so that gives me 50 points. takes me to 440.

My wife will give IELTS and we will evaluate her degree in parallel.

But the question is whether a score of 440 is good enough in the current scenario for getting ITA, or should I just go to Canada and use 1 year canadian experience later to get PR ? or go via PNP as 440 should give OINP hopefully

Showing a job offer letter works?
Like job offers given are valid for only 2 weeks or so? How r u using that for ITA without actually joining the job?

No , I am not using just the job offer letter . But waiting for LMIA approval before creating my EE profile . Would that work ?

lets ask in opposite way… why not go to canada on the job for which you got offer already…?

i think thats best option as you can apply for PR later anytime…

That’s a good question. I have evaluated that and like many other folks on this forum, I am on a H1B visa in the USA.

If I don’t get enough points for an ITA directly (which is pretty evident, considering age and no masters), then the only option will be take up the job offer and move on to Canada and then apply PR directly from there.

However, there is an inherent risk that if I go there and some rules/stipulations change regarding Canada PR while waiting for PR, then there is risk of losing H1B status as well as Canada PR path. which is not ideal.

I know it’s not a highly probably scenario, but things could go wrong.

Hope it answers your question.