Police certificate help urgent

Guys Please Help Me with this

I did my masters from Athens Greece back in 2014. During the time i was in Greece i lost my passport just after my education completed. So i left for my home country on an emergency exit permit. once i reached my home country i got a new passport made.

Now my question is that :

  • I got a Police Certificate made from Greece in Feb 2019 but i just realized that it mentions My New passport number ( the one i made after i reached my Home country) .
  • will this Police certificate work or do i have to get a Police certificate made on my Lost Passport Number ??
  • My new passport does mentioned my Lost Passport Number

Please help can this certificate work or do i have to get it made again on my Lost Passport Number?

Please help

Usually when a new passport is issued, even when you renew passport, it is with the new number and they link it to the old passport so I guess they would take that into consideration.

I don’t know how the Greek PCC works but you might be okay if it covers the entire duration even if it mentions only the new passport number.