Police Clearance Certificate - HongKong


I need to get a PCC for my wife from HongKong as a required document. However, this is what I see on the website.

I think this means that I can submit everything else and then CIC will send me a letter which I have to present for getting PCC from HK. Is that correct?
Also, since this is a required doc for submitting the application, how do I get around that? Should I upload some sort of explanation instead?

@anon25417004 I think you had to get PCC from Singapore and they have a similar process. Any help will be appreciated.

That page (screenshot) seems to be pretty detailed in terms of what you need to do as someone who is not a citizen of China and is applying for a HK PCC from outside of HK. For SG we had to submit a demand draft and dig out our old ID numbers but we could apply without an official request letter unlike HK which seems to need one.

Yes, but only after you submit your application. When you apply for permanent residence, you will be asked to upload a police certificate. Instead, you must upload a document that states: “I am applying from a country that requires an official request letter from IRCC to get a police certificate.”

We will then review your application. If it is otherwise complete, we will send you more information on how to get a police certificate. Please read the instructions above for more information.