Police Clearance Certificate San Francisco Bay Area



I am applying for PR and seeking PCC. But I live in SF Bay Are so I need to either mail documents or go to the consulate in San Francisco for the PCC. I have couple of question related to the process.

  1. If I go in person, I still have to give the passport which they hold until the process is complete or they give back the passport immediately?
  2. My second question is that the visa on my passport has expired but I have valid i20 and i94 which validates my legal stay and SEVIS. I am still eligible to go consulate and apply for police clearance right?


I would like to add a question to applying for Police Clearance certificate in SF bay area.

I am required to send a filled in Personal particulars proforma in addition to Miscellaneous application form for SF indian embassy. The Personal particulars form requires a 3.5 cm by 3.5 cm photograph. I couldnt get that size in US. Please advise if you used the regular passport size instead or got 3.5 cm by 3.5 cm photograph somewhere?

  1. In person they will return your passport immediately
  2. My F1 visa had also expired but valid STEM OPT EAD card worked in my case.


I used regular passport photograph I got from Costco. It went beyond that spec but they dont really care. I had no issues.