Police clearance from the US while in India

I want some info on the Police certificate (from USA) as we stayed their for six years(now we are back to India).I read the link that we need to fill the form and send the fingerprints too.The confusion is how do we send our fingerprints.I am sure you must have done this. Could you please shed some information how did we send our fingerprints?

No worries I understand no question is too small when dealing with the PR process. I wrote about how we got US Police Clearance for our Canada PR excerpt below:

FBI Identity History Checks (US Police Clearance)

I found this below link with a quick google search, I encourage you to confirm this yourself. Also please let the forum know how this worked out for you.

Fingerprinting for FBI in India


I am in USA, Wife in India…
Need help in getting the Police Clearance started ASAP for her and for me. (She’ll be back only in a few months).

Local biometrics guy told me fbi has a wait time of 14-16 weeks, so I have start right away — even though IELTS maybe 2-3 months away.

What about my Wife? How does she start with the Police clearance process?