Police clearance in India. Country or States?

I have recieved ITA and now in the process of document submission. I have one query regarding the police clearence certificate. I from India and in past 10 years i have stayed 3years in my hometown kolkata and rest 7 years in bangalore.I have taken police clearence certificate from bangalore passport seva kendra. Do i need to take pcc from kolkata as well? I am asking this question since while document submission i see “Police Certificates (Multiple) (required) “

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They need one certificate per country you lived in for more than 6 months. I applied at the Indian Embassy in SF and got one in a few days. You don’t need one from every state you lived in. Either just get the one for the address on your passport or from the Passport office (Passport India Website)

I have been working in United States on H1B.
My parents do not live in the address that is mentioned on my passport.Will this be an issue while going through police verification for India?


I doubt it the check only is against police records that you don’t have any criminal or other actions against you. Your passport details are used to search these records.

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Addresses change. Police clearance certificate is issued against your passport. They will run the passport details to ensure there is no case (if there was, they wouldn’t have issued passport). Generally they run the background check against the passport. So as long as no case has been filed (which is likely the case) the police clearance will go through.

Can we apply for this online through website of Indian consulate ?

do i need to send only new passport or both new and old passports to Indian consulate?

New passport original and copy of old passport. http://www.cgisf.org/page/display/143/236

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