Possible wrong NOC Code! Should i withdraw

Good Morning,

I am a wireless test engineer. Yes when i do the filter i get NOC Code 2147 (Computer Engineer), but even when i submitted the profile, all job duties did not match NOC. So i realised even then that 2283 resembles my experience. However i was concerned that the adjudicator might think that that i had botched up something obvious. Now i realized that job duties are the key.

My question(s) are:-

a) I have received my ITA and also AOR, is there anyway for me to change my NOC after AOR. It has just been submitted.
b) I am thinking instead of getting a refusal i withdraw my application. When i withdraw my application. Can i re-apply.

Bharat C P

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I don’t think you can change your NOC after submitting documents. Try raising a CSE and asking them whether they can change the NOC. Having said that, most likely your application would need to be withdrawn. You can then reapply with the correct NOC.

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If i was a betting man most likely my application will be denied anyways right. So better to withdraw now that to have the heart ache 4 months later.

Bharat C P

P.S. Thank you for your response it is good that someone is listening to me.

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Actually one woman applied for gcms, 3 months after aor and came to know about the noc mismatch and proactively raised a CSE with the docs of updated noc and got her application approved after 5 or 6 months. Her application was flagged for refusal due to noc mismatch in gcms. I don’t remember exactly her timelines, but yes she got her PPR. So y not raise a CSE explaining them everything and also sending the docs before hand? U r anyway ready for withdrawal or even refusal…

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When did this happen.

Bharat C P

Oh very sorry… Somehow missed ur msg. It happened in early months of the year… I guess Jan or Feb.

Guys i got my PPR approval. It was excruciating but the release of joy after the Ready for Visa mail is indescribable.

Bharat C P

Hi BharatNT2IE,

please share, did you raise CSE, what other things did you have to do before COPR.
I also just realised discrepancies between my NOC code 2281 and the one I had selected 2147 post AOR.


Okay so i ordered GCMS notes and i found that when the Agent who looked at my file recommended i MET the eligibility, and indicated " the duties and lead statement associated with the NOC code seem to match the job responsibilities this was with the original NOC 2147.

But i still sent a document (Letter of explanation) requesting them a change in from NOC 2147 to NOC 2283, assuming the Visa Office will have a different take on this. I gave many details as to what prompted me to choose 2147 over 2283, how there were “ambiguities”. So it is really upto them to consider this, i do not know whether they considered my Letter of Explanation as i got my approval after my GCMS notes came in.

In any case what is you CRS, and you stream (CEC, PNP FSW). I would rather you order the GCMS or if you are sure you might have messed up then raise a webform and upload your Letter of explanation.

By the Way GCMS notes are supposed to be release in 30 days, got mine in 30. But some people told me it has taken them over 90 day. It is reasonably priced at $15.


Bharat C P

Thanks for your prompt response Bharat.
I am a FSW outland and just got my AOR in January with a CRS of 472.
Also just raised a webform where I uploaded a letter of explanation.
this was my closing argument
" I selected NOC code 2147 (Network system and data communication engineers) which I
just noticed does not completely suit my job description, I have later found that noc 2281 (ComputerNetwork Technician) whose roles and responsibilities completely suit my profile. Kindly apply noc 2281 to my profile. I completely apologise for this error."

I will definitely raise a GCMS when my application is about 90days old to confirm my eligibility status.

@BharatNT2IE @lynkyinka Hello Guys,
I got NOI from Ontario and this is for NOC 2173. I have selected this NOC based on the recommendation of my consultant because I was not much aware of this. As per my profile, I am an SAP Consultant and the title is Advanced App Engineering Analyst. My roles and responsibilities mostly match with NOC 2171 but i can obtain the Reference letter for matching responsibilities with 2173.
Can i proceed to submit the application in this scenario or shall i not take any risk? Also, could someone please help me to review my reference letter ? Currently, Consultant is not helping me because he is asking me more money.

Also, could you please help me to review my Intention Letter for Ontario?

@Ashu i would stick with that NOC (will explain later). Even one of my colleagues i talked to complained about NOC code given to him by his consultancy, he said he was a Database administrator and he preferred NOC 2147 but later budged and let his consultancy decide…he was also concerned about his NOC …but got his PPR… :grinning: . The thing is NOIs are very hard to get so you are going to forfeit a great chance by not taking it…BTW how close are NOC 2173 AND 2171 do they have a lot in common…

Bharat C P

Please note i am FSW-Outlant, so not familiar with PnP.

@BharatNT2IE Thanks a lot

@BharatNT2IE hello, I have a query may be you can advise. I got a ITA recently so i started collecting reference letters and documents. For one of my past company, the reference letter is matching more to 2141 (manufacturing engineer) rather than the one which i initially selected 2132 (mechanical engineer). i am in post ITA phase, i have not submitted my profile. some people suggested that i should decline ITA and then update and wait for next draw. please advise

If I am not mistaken i have been told you can still change you NOC post ITA but before final submission please tweet to IRCC.But not sure if you are PnP if it would be advisable to change NoC.

Also remember you need to check the job duties not job titles.

The concept of withdrawing is the calculation you have to make based on CRS.


I have a different flavor of this problem.

I came to Canada more than a year back on NOC 2173 and got an AOR under CEC (after submitting response to ITA). I submitted my response (thru consultant) on NOC 2174 however - these 2 codes’s job functions are inter-related. So, would this be an issue ? (2 different NOC codes) ?

Do i need to attach LOE? In my case, even the consultant does not seem to know ( I think they arrived at job code looking at current responsibilities).


I cannot specifically answer you question about consultant. However all i can say is that it is always better to provide LOE i did. It may be hard for the officer to determine, there would be some ambiguities. So in my case i explained the different between the two NOC codes and pointed out the ambiguities. Not sure if they even took my LOE into consideration, but my application was approved :grinning:. But during the wait , it made me sleep better at night, if that helps.


Good luck with your application.

Thanks ! Will do so