Post CoPR landing without address


I have got the CoPR and planning to land soon to complete the process. I don’t plan to stay and would be coming back to the US on same day. Since I dont have an address and dont know anyone in Canada , is that necessary for me to provide on when I land? Can I tell the officer that I can initiate the PR card process later when I am back. Also, in general what are the steps I need to follow if I am coming back on the same date of landing.

If I land , come back to US I understand I can apply for PRTD to travel to Canada. Will doing a soft landing and returning back without PR card affect PR status in anyway?

Proof of Funds

Do I still need to have the 12699 CAD in my bank account if I do a soft landing?Is the proof of funds obtained 6 months ago enough or can the proof of funds be obtained 10 - 15 days before landing?


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